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Some quotable feedback we received from maestros'

Penaz Masani– A ghazal singer pas excellence. She was awarded a title " Shehzadi Tarunnam"
"Very clear sound,each instrument can be heard in the monitors and very important is comfort value"

Udit Narain –Playback singer in bollywood. Sung over 15000 songs in 30 languages
"Very good engineer to work with, hats off to his skills"

Parveen Sultana –Hindustani classical singer from Patiala gharana
" Very good understanding ….god bless u"

Jagjit Singh– One of the miracles in ghazal singing.
"Very good sound"

Vaishali Samant– Famous marathi singer
"He understands what musician and performer wants…"

Sanjeev Abhyankar – Indian classical vocalist of international repute
" Hats off to your balancing"

Kunal Ganjawala – Playback singer in bollywood.
" Very good equipments"

Pankaj Udhas – Pre-eminent ghazal singer from India.
" He is a recommended sound provider"

Pramod Chandorkar– Top sounds recordist and sound engineer in indian music industry
"Kickass gear! always love to work with this company"

Alok Punjani– Sounds engineer
" Grow fast…I really like the sound and look forward working with you in future"