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Started in 1995 with a modest set up of two small speakers, just barely enough set up covering small gatherings and music shows, time has seen Prosound grow into a professional organisation today, It has emerged as the biggest PA gear hiring company in this part of the country. Today we can confidently cater an audience of around 50,000 +

The responsibility of this remarkable success is credited to the founder and chief sound engineer Sandeep Baraskar who has been a musician himself and a lead guitarist. Knowledge and understanding of music, while mixing a live concert or applying laws of physics to get the desired sound at any venue, Sandeep always manages to get positive results. A remarkable talent to keep his cool in most stressful conditions and to think rationally even under pressure makes him one of the best technical guy at the main console.

Sandeep is backed by a dedicated team, which specialises in rigging up the system in record turn-around time. The team has enough hands-on experience of different platforms and know their equipment well. A quick professional approach towards getting the best of sound is the main motto and they execute their task with a mark. A continual strive to achieve better and embrace newer technology has been a policy at Prosound. With the help of experts and advice from seniors in the field of sound, each and every piece of equipment is thoroughly studied before it is put to use on ground realities.